Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tricks and Tweaks

Sometimes things just need a little 'tweak' to make them more interesting.  Like this newer Vanity I found last week; it was probably made in the nineties or maybe late eighties and kinda had that 'Dynasty' effect going on which is fine, but not my thing.  The middle drawer wasn't a drawer at all, just had a pull on it to make it look balanced when it was actually a lift-top style, very cool!
I wanted to make it more vintage looking yet keep it girly.  I was also dying to paint something grey!  So while I waited at Home Depot for my paint to be mixed I killed time exploring the lumber side of the store. This is also where they sell moldings, wood trim, wood table legs, and appliques like this one:
This costs about $5.00, others are less.

I grabbed my new grey/gray (?) paint and the applique and was off to Anthropologie to check out knobs next (any excuse to go there right?!)  They sell beautiful hardware, but a bit higher priced then you would find at say Hobby Lobby or Ebay.  Another good place is http://www.leevalley.com for their amazing collection of vintage styles. 
So several hours, (a dress, a sweater) and 2 crystal knobs later......yikes.

I got to work (to pay for that dress and sweater).  First I took wood filler to the two holes on each side drawer, as I wasn't going to use pulls but rather the one screw knobs I got at Anthro.  Then I drilled a new hole in the center of each (I wish I'd taken pics of this step, but hopefully you get the idea).  Then I glued the applique to the center 'drawer' to cover the two holes there.  Some paint, some new fabric on the seat plus those crystal pulls and we got this:

I haven't decided on the fabric yet so it's not attached and looks a little sloppy here, but all it takes is a staple gun.
Another trick I've tried from visiting the same aisle, is using trim pieces to modify plain looking or more boxy shaped furniture pieces. 
These come in different widths and designs

I got this bookshelf a while ago on clearance from Tar-jay, painted it and stuck it in one of our nooks in the living room.  It looked okay but after I put all my 'knic-knacs' inside it still looked too plain.
So I picked out a long piece of trim/molding, these cost about $8-$12 depending on size, style, etc.  And had them cut two pieces to the width of my shelf.  Then I took them home, painted them, let it dry completely and glazed it to show off the details a little more.  This is done by taking wood stain, mixing with a clear glaze about 50/50 and wiping it on, then wiping it off-that easy!! 

What remains in the crevices is what showcases those details and gives it an antiqued look.

Then I glued one on each end of my shelf using clamps, heavy cans, books, whatever I could find to pressure them down!
I know it's a subtle change, but it made a difference in taking a cheap shelf and making it look a little nicer.  Plus the shape of the detail blends in with the pieces on the shelves themselves, bringing it all together. 

I'm off to pick up another desk, any color suggestions?  I'm trying to deviate from blue but it's hard!!  I'm all ears if anyone has a color idea. Till next time...


  1. Beautiiiiful vanity!!! As for color ideas... What about white for your next desk? (glazed, crackled, whatever you call it?) Kinda like your dining table (isn't it a kind of white?) lovin this blog!!!

  2. Love the gray and thanks for the comment on my piece.