Sunday, August 7, 2011

About that door...

So I learned two very important lessons this week for a first time blogger:
1. Never give or promise a set day for a future blog.  As in "Hey! Stay tuned next friday..."
2. Make sure you are not setting too high expectations.  As in, be clear what you plan to present, so as not to disappoint :)
Now remember that door I bought last week?

There are so many wonderful ideas of what to do with a vintage door, it's amazing what you can dream up.  Here are just a few I have found:

Great entry way idea, or for extra storage in a bathroom.

Ahhh Seattle, never thought I'd miss the rain!

Another entry idea.

LOVE this one!  Magnetic Chalkboard.

And check out this coffee table made by the super talented Sausha at

 But I was looking to add some sort of architectural interest.  We have large open spaces in our house (it is Texas after all) as well as lots of huge windows.  So this doesn't allow much room to hang pictures or artwork and it takes a lot to make things feel 'cozy.'
I am a big fan of Maria over at who manages to achieve this so beautifully!  She has large pieces of salvaged architecture like doors, window panes, a mantle (with no fireplace mind you) all over her house.  It's gorgeous and so worth checking out her site if you like that sort of vintage glamorous, prairie style.
About a week ago, we sold our old dining set which was cute, kid friendly and totally functional but we were sorta over it.  Plus I had refinished this old table from Italy that I found off Craigslist for $60(!!!) and couldn't part with:

I added some chairs also found off Craigslist for $30, painted them to match and it was Bon Apettit!  But once I saw it in the space it seemed a little cold, boring even. I remembered that sea foam green door 'hidden' in my garage and thought I could try to achieve a similar's not perfect and the room is definitely IN PROGRESS still but it's a start!

I plan to replace the two end chairs with slip-covered parson ones, hang some drapes and find a good centerpiece.  Like maybe a large stone urn or a tray filled with old Japanese glass balls like this:

It may be a challenge just to get the slip-covered chairs in there though, the hubs says "it makes it look like things are in storage." lol  Stay tuned!  more soon...  :)

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