Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latest Projects

Hope this finds you at the end of a great week! Things are going well in the antique store, so I have been a busy-bee working on new pieces and keeping up.  My  Etsy shop has actually been the best advertising because almost every piece has sold to a local who found it there first!  I then have to go deactivate the listings which is kind of a bummer because then you can't see it anymore as opposed to a sold item.  I like to be able to show a portfolio of sorts on there to prospective customers but oh well-that's what this blog is for I suppose!  That and my ventings ;}...sooo this week it's having sick kiddo's.  Like dominoes, they all fell ill one at a time since last weekend :(  School is out here in one week (YIKES!) so I'm just trying to keep them going for a few more days...

On another note, the hubby finished his first semester of classes working toward his masters degree, and we all lived to tell about it! Phew.  Only another year to go...(we can do this, we can do this, we can do this!)

The following pics are some recent before and afters, some have already sold and the rest are in the antique store and/or etsy;.

Before: Nice green but had lots of damage to the finish and on top.

Stripped, polished and painted.  Sold to a local musician and his wife to furnish their new farmhouse!
This was a beautiful cabinet already, and didn't really need to be redone. But I can't NOT change something somehow so I just let my inner painting diva go crazy!

I had already removed hardware and started brainstorming here.
After-what do you think? I gave it a heavily distressed look which isn't for everyone but I love it.

This next one was another 1920's table that just needed some love.  A fresh coat of white paint and subtle detail distressing along the legs and edges.  I painted some cute spindle back chairs to complement it, though they have sold already.  I don't have a before of the table but here is the after:

A couple more converted farmhouse tables below.  These are very popular sellers so will be a staple in both the store and etsy!
This is the only before I have of these! It's the pine table behind the awesome cupid bed-frame.
And another one that I have no before of at all.  It actually sold via etsy to a woman who just so happened to live up the street from me!!  She had contacted me asking for notice of the next one and when I let her know where to come see it, she mapped it and said she could basically walk here!  Small, small world.

Close up of the finish.

That's all for now.  Right now I am working on several bedside, coffee and end tables. I'll be getting back to a few desks and vanities that I love to do!  And a few more farmhouse tables of course.  Have a great weekend! XOXO