Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Updates and 'where the hell have I been?'....;D

Hi There!
First off, how happy are you that winter is finally OVER?  I sure am :)  I discovered that I really don't like to work in the cold (my workshop is my garage) and so I kinda took a breather from Nov-March.   Things slowed at the antique mall as well so I took on more client work instead to fill the time.  That always has a different set of challenges and what the customer wants is total priority.  All else kinda gets pushed back until those jobs are done, however I won't be taking on anymore now that I'm back to stocking my own inventory.  I did get to do some fun stuff for 2 different wedding planners, refurbished a couple dining sets over the holidays and got to tackle a small roll top desk for my neighbor-that was actually really fun:) Then after all that I just wanted to stay warm

Now that the tempertures are rising again, I've gotten back to my own projects which I am very excited about. My mom flew in from Seattle last week and we tackled Round Top again, not alot of deals (as usual) but always inspiring.

Mom and my youngest, our assistant shopper that day ;)

I am also in the process of moving into another antique mall, this one is in the famous SoCo district of Austin at Off the Wall Antiques which has been there for over 20 years.  I'm so proud and excited to be joining their family of dealers!!  We should be all set up and settled by end of April so come check it out if you are in the area at 1704 S. Congress Ave, Austin.

Once that move is complete, the hubs and I will be moving our family to a different house...I can't even begin to process the amount of work ahead of me but I know it will all fall into place!  

After the dust has settled (or perhaps in between packing boxes) I will post some fresh inventory in my etsy shop as's back to business! xo