Thursday, March 15, 2012

Milk Paint

Well, I gone and done it.  I painted in the dark...couldn't stand the suspense after receiving my first order of Milk Paint and mixed it up, grabbed my flashlight and went to work in my burned-out-bulb garage. 

Prior to this, and when the lights were still working I had stripped and re-stained the top, to remove deep ink spots so at least that was accomplished first!
Using this paint is really fun, it has a sort of seaweed smell and once you blend with water (per the instructions included) you then have to strain it through a mesh colander to get the clumps out.  You can even use a sprayer with it if you are super diligent to get those clumps out!  I used a sponge brush since I couldn't see where the heck the sprayer was anyway and applied just one coat to achieve what looks like a 'stain' of color onto the wood.  I really liked the effect so left it at that, no distressing or glazing, etc. The color I bought was 'Sea Green' but there are 20 total to choose from.  Normally this paint gives a heavy 'chippy' distressed finish but being this dresser was unfinished oak, it just adhered differently.

I still need to seal it, but here it is with hardware (what I had on hand) and a flash on my camera so unfortunately the top appears more 'orangey' than it actually is.  It's really more a golden color :)
Apologize for the bad photos this time!  Bulb has been replaced since:)
This week is Spring Break for the kiddos, but it's also mid-terms for my husband (as well as his day job) and I've been cramming to finish up the last projects to be ready for move in at the Antique Gallery of Round Rock.  We've made the best of it though, I used the time to have the kids 'cull' their toys and go through their drawers.  A spring-cleaning of sorts, so they can personally donate them to some local kids organizations and learn the value sharing/helping others.  We then picked out a few necessities for summer and tomorrow we'll start the first in a 3 day SXSW extravaganza!!! Family-friendly version of course, but we are all sooo looking forward to it.  Have a wonderful weekend! XOXO

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Inventory

Long time, no blog!  I just wanted to share some pics of  the latest before and afters, all of which are going into the new shop space at The Antique Gallery of Round Rock in a couple weeks.  I'm so excited!!  We are starting to receive our wholesale orders that will be in the space as well.  It's like Christmas around here, new shipments almost daily...I can't break down the boxes fast enough.  My kids keep building forts with them so I guess that's good re-purposing :)   I took some pics in my office to share. Here are just a smidgen of the goodies we will have when we open April 2nd;
French wire baskets, egg baskets,  iron wall shelves, antique white mirrors, etc.

Bell Jars, milk bottle flower holders, reclaimed wood trays....

And TONS of vintage finds between both the Seattle and Austin flea markets; "CHARMS" wood sign, beautiful old ladies suitcase, silver serving trays, authentic antlers and SOOO (8 boxes) much more-I am too lazy to pull those out just yet!
Now on to the big stuff.  I'll just show some before and after pics of the latest pieces.  This first one was a secretary desk inspired by the one in Brooke Giannetti's book 'Patina Style'.  I painted this in an antique white,  glazed, waxed and distressed it.  Then gave the inside a pop of mauve-pink for an unexpected surprise.  I then rubbed the finish to make it look worn again.


The next is a desk with hutch that I picked up, it was missing one piece of  hardware so I have to replace all of it.  Still on the hunt for 4.5 inch pulls that suit it.....
The rags are there just to protect the finish as it 'cures', hard to see the details on this but in person it's really pretty!  The right hardware will only enhance her!  Like jewelry on a lady ;)
Lastly, these two are not completely finished, the dresser needs 2 more knobs (on order) and some more distressing I think, but getting there.  They were not a set, I found them separately but their lines complimented each other and I thought could make a great pair in a little girls room, OR a big girls!
Looks a little like Sponge Bob doesn't he? 

And here they are almost finished in a Robin Egg blue with lightly distressed edges, and crystal knobs fit for a princess!
Ooh, one more!  A desk that the previous owner bought at an antique auction in Virginia 30 years ago.  His daughter (now a school teacher) had carved her name, her pets names, in the top of this as a little girl ;)  So cute-but not cute for a new prospective owner.  So I sanded it down and painted it in a blueish-gray called 'juniper ash'. It's more gray than pics make it appear. This desk could work for a gentlemen as well as a lady!  I can't find my before photo darn it.
Great carvings and details on this one...sooo wanna keep it!

 That's it for now.  I just received my first order of 'Milk Paint' and am dying to try it!!  Everything I've read says it has a mind of it's own and dries uniquely, depending on the piece.  Unfortunately my garage light bulb burned out yesterday so I will have to move everything out and park my car in garage again so I can stand on the minivan to reach the light socket before anyone notices until my hubby can get out the ladder and replace it...ahem.  I don't think I can take the suspense.  Perhaps I'll just paint in the dark, I mean it has a mind of it's own anyways, right?  I have no control of the outcome.....