Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Back to School and a trip to IKEA

I apologize,  while I have been frantically busy with projects, I don't have any furniture postings ready today. This is a more personal one because it's back to school time -YIPPEE!!!  I am very excited and yet also completely panic stricken that this is the first year all three of my little ones will be entering school.  My oldest son and daughter will be in the same school (FINALLY-no more multiple drop-offs, pick-ups and schedules), and my youngest is entering preschool! Where did the time go?
He is having NONE of it, btw.  He's only 3 and keeps saying "no- me baby" in protest. It's so darn cute ;)  I don't want him to go either, but he needs to and it's going to be good for both of us....I think.

As with most Preschools, they require all kids be potty trained and this was a non-issue until he overheard me say it.  Suddenly he's hiding his underwear and digging out the pullups.

So this week - like all Moms right now -  I loaded up the gang and we hit the stores. We stocked up on their varied school supplies, some new duds, backpacks, etc. and then we hit the local IKEA (they have those awesome childcare centers and this mama needed a breather!) which I hadn't been to in ages.  I must admit that I was never an Ikea fan.  I mean buying plywood that you then have to spend hours assembling yourself? No thanks.  Not to mention it often requires our significant others to help and we all know what a 'bonding' experience that can be...but have you seen their latest catalog?  Some serious chicness all the sudden!  They are starting to incorporate a more french/cottage/vintage like aesthetic to some (and by some, I do mean a small minority) of their products. Like their Ektorp slip-covered couches, sectionals and chairs-OMGosh?! 

I know some people still think it's crazy to have white furniture but I can't say enough about it; slipcovers really are a moms best friend.  A pet owners best friend.  I even have one in our play room - so easy to strip off the covers, wash (bleach even) if needed and throw back on.  I bought ours years ago from Ballard Designs and while it's held up, I paid 5 times as much as these Ikea versions.  And the versatility it brings you in changing the rest of your decor?  Priceless.  Seasonal decor and color accents can change with the wind when you have a neutral foundation. Here are some inspirational pics:

If you are handy with a sewing machine, you can even make your own for your current furniture!  Don't believe me?  Check out this gal, she shows you how it's done:

I also oohed and ahhed at Ikea's grain-sack (looking) tea towels, place-mats, ticking fabric seat cushions, etc.
.79 cents a piece!
So cute for wood dining chairs, and of course, washable.
Some really cute vintage-inspired stuff!  And I will have to make another trip back. But at the end of the day this was all we really needed:

Yep, a 4.99 potty seat.  He picked out the bright red version, so now it's crunch time at our house.  I'll be posting some more furniture transformations toward the end of the week, but till then and to ALL the Moms (and Dads) out there working so hard to support, provide and prepare our little ones while dealing with all the anxiety and mixed emotion that this time of year brings-hang in there!   XOXO

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