Wednesday, August 3, 2011


“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls”  Joseph Campbell

So this may be a lengthy post here but I am not sure how to make it simple without a little back story;  My brother and I moved to Snohomish Washington at the ages of 13 and 14 so my Mom could pursue her dream of opening her own Antique Shop.  Snohomish was then considered the Antique Capital of the Northwest and we'd already been dragged to every garage sale, estate sale and junk shop from the midwest in.  Soon as we arrived here, she started occupying a few mall spaces around the area.  She just had a natural instinct for finding those rare pieces and collectibles that were desirable.  I started working for her after school for a couple hours so she could go to her 'real job' to pay the bills.  I HATED it, I mean I walked there as s-l-o-w-l-y as possible after school and brought headphones to tune out the tourists...what a brat I was!  It's amazing that she had returning customers...and yet in no time at all she was opening The Snohomish Antique Mall on her own.  As I entered high school, I would work there on weekends or filll in, opening showcases and writing receipts. 
And now, 20-some years later I find myself 3000 miles away discovering, as if through osmosis, that I picked up a few pointers, developed an eye by just observation and being around a sort of distant, grudging admiration ;)  And I now frequent the local antique malls here in Austin, with their similar staffs of sullen, disgruntled teenagers listlessly patrolling the aisles with wrist keys, popping their chewing gum, and it makes me feel sooo warm and fuzzy ;D
It was on one of these visits that I found this:

A door.  Just a simple old narrow door but it was on sale for $40 from $65.  It had a perfect patina of sea foam green.  I could not walk out of the store without it.  So it came home with me, but (this is so embarrassing), I 'hid' it in our garage about as deftly as the image above suggests, until i could figure out the reason why i had to have it ;)  lol Of course my sweet hubbie saw it immediately but waited for the right time to ask; 'um, so what's that?' me: ' uh, just a door.' hubbie: 'what's it for?' me: 'well um, i don't know yet.  but it was only $40 and blah blah blah"...totally shooting blanks.  'Oh, so what color are you gonna paint it?' Umm, well...I wasn't."  silence....
And today I think I found the perfect spot, which I'll share with you on Friday...he's out of town so it's the perfect 'staging' opportunity ;)  Stay tuned!
BWAAHAHAAAA....(sinister disney laugh)

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