Monday, September 12, 2011

Too Much Time on my Hands...(T-T-T-T-T-Ticking away)

How are you?
Thanks for the awesome color suggestions from my last post (Crystal and Robin :) I am working on finding the perfect pieces to use them on!  I  had to put a temporary halt on painting while I've been redoing my work space in the garage.  I discovered there was a little bit of over-spray making its way past the plastic sheeting.  So I had to order one of these:
Combo Welding Screen
While I am STILL awaiting its arrival (grrr), and the kids are in school I decided (or some sort of a crazy, crafty, mid-life crisis is taking hold) to take up sewing.  I know....what the...??  But I haaave sewn before.  I come from a family of antique-rs and professional upholsterers so somewhere deep within, it's always lurked - waiting for the opportune time...Bwaahaahaaa  ;)  My Grampa had an Upholstery shop in Beverly Hills and did work for the likes of Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant, and Liberace.  (I would have loved to have seen those pieces!)  My Aunt has been an Upholsterer for decades doing work for Calico Corners.  Personally though,  I always became way too frustrated and impatient with it.  I gave up before I finished or the minute I had to install a zipper/button/closure.  That was until I saw this baby:

It was love the moment I set eyes on it...I had been obsessing searching for an affordable type coffee table/ottoman that matched my decor and didn't have sharp corners (kids).  Problem was they are all require such commitment for the $$$, I mean what if I don't want brown faux leather for the rest of my life?  What if my kids jumped on and broke it?  What if they ripped that faux leather, hurt themselves on a corner, what if-what-if??   But this one was kid friendly, washable, portable, cozy and surely couldn't be more than a couple hundred bucks right??  WRONG.

I was in some serious sticker shock when I saw the price tag, really.  Couldn't believe it. I mean-is it filled with diamonds?!  All the sudden my DIY instincts kicked in, how hard could it be to make?  Well...I'll tell you.

It's not.  Although I did make mine slightly smaller, and by using a serger style sewing machine, but you can create a similar effect by using piping, bias tape, etc. with a regular machine.  The serger is an easy way to get that 'French-seam" look which is what I was after.

I filled it with poly beads which you can order online, but you could also use shredded foam, or even old pillows and blankets!  Whatever you liked and all depending on how squishy or firm you wanted it.   My kids love laying on it watching movies.

Here's where it got out of control though.  So while I was still waiting for that darn screen to arrive I kept sewing, in fact no one could stop me!  It was a journey all it's own, I just kept going...and going...and I sewed up these:

swiss cross looks a little crooked here, but it's just overstuffed.

And these,

Robert Allen 'Nautical' fabric line

and then there HAD to be another Pouf to match, right?!  It's called O.C.D  :)

 I was in a Nautical mood I guess....this my version of  'Fall' for the coastal-type style aesthetic.  I don't do orange, but never say never.
Cameo Bliss at
I'm putting these up as inventory in my Etsy shop (Cameo Bliss) I have a feeling I will be adding more items intermittently as I wait for paint to dry.   That or they will all be shipped to the Mutiny Bay Antique Mall in Whidbey Island, WA. soon.
Next week I hope to be back to paint spraying some new furniture pieces! I have an itchy trigger finger.  Thanks for reading and have a great week everyone :)


  1. Oh Man... I LOVE these poufs! I always do a double-take when I see them in magazines. But they are sooooo expensive I've never bought one! Those pretty ones you've whipped up will sell asap fo sure! Even giant floor pillows are hard to find at a decent price. Good job learning to sew and whipping out such awsome products straight away! Not surprised tho! You DO have it in your DNA ;)

  2. Thanks Crystal! We'll see if they sell... How's San Diego or are you guys headed home already? Give Myla big kisses from her other auntie:) xxoo