Friday, September 30, 2011

San Francisco and Big Daddy's Antiques

Hi Y'allzes!
Just got back from a super quick get-a-way to visit my Brother and his wonderful girlfriend, Karen in San Francisco.  Here they are, aren't they cute? ;)

I can't say Thank You enough to both of them!  They hosted my Mom and I for 4 days of jam-packed sightseeing, amazing wineries, restaurants, 2 of the best Flea Markets ever (Petaluma and Treasure Island) and of course lots of shopping!  On my last day there, they took me to see Big Daddy's Antiques.  A place that had reached mythological proportions in my head after I had read and seen a few pics of it, and let me tell ya' it did NOT disappoint.  It's a huge warehouse in the design district, jam packed with large scale artifacts, European antiques, statuary's, leather and linen upholstered furniture, etc.

Karen and I at the entryway (look at the size of that door!)

How about a Giant Ship in..oh, I don't know, your living or family room?

Loved this stone Mantel and all the charcoal grey chairs!

This is what greets you once inside-GORGEOUS.  My pics don't do it justice.

Farmhouse style coffee tables, stacked, vintage leather chair, huge movie reel and that ship.

Doves coo as you shop!

My adorable Mom and Karen. I'm told this is a 'cupola'- I just want it in my living room :)

We also visited a couple Flea Markets and it took all the will power in me not to buy and ship home so many things.  Unbelievable stuff, and we did do some minor damage ;)  But nothing a borrowed suitcase couldn't hold!
Petaluma Antique/Flea Market

Treasure Island Flea Market-this sculpture greets you at the entry.  Originally built for 'Burning Man' back in May, and it is filled with LED lights.  So cool!!

Then we of course had to sample some of the finest wines California has to offer, and 'sample' we did!!

Me, Mom, and Braden

Nooo, we didn't drink all that!

Me and my date, Braden and Karen
We also got to dip our feet in at Point Reyes, such a beautiful drive.  I have truly missed the ocean being here in Northern Texas...
My Mom, Bro and Karen

Mom in her element :)

And just like that, it was over...bye for now San Francisco!  See you again soon-I hope!

Thanks again guys, and give Stella a big ole kiss for me! XOXO

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  1. Still the most beautiful people I have ever known in real life! Cam! I am so happy for you! Looks like you are doing cool stuff and digging it. Congrats on the little ones,wonderful hubby and bitchin business! Everything I ever hoped for you seems to have come true! Which is kick-ass. By the way its me Todd.I would love to "catch-up" call me @ (801)839-6265 or my email is I am also on facebook (not sure i am a fan). I would really enjoy talking with you,Braden and your mom.Feel free share my contact info with them along with the hint that I would totaly dig a call. Anyway must go now (have a class in a few). So good to know you are well. Hope to hear back! sincerly Todd S. Nickell p.s. Cam,you are one of the great souls of the world. p.s.s. your mom is still the most beautiful girl ever.(you dont have to tell her that)...