Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Latest using latex and chalk paint

Big deep breath...exhale....the kids are back in school...YIPPEE!!!!  Finally some down time, finally some cleaning that lasts, well, for 8 hours at least.  Sit down, catch up on your magazine subscriptions, go for a walk, exercise without needing sitters, grocery shop without needing the Cadillac sized carts, go back to work without needing to pay for childcare, etc. etc.
It's all good until homework starts :)

I have a few projects I worked on over the summer, and some just this week that I thought I would share.  Some were done using Latex, some with Chalk Paint and I will group them that way to help give a visual as to the differences.  See my previous posts where I talk about the differences and my personal tips for working with each.

I picked this dresser up via craigslist from a woman who let her teeny Teacup-Yorkie bite the heck out of my ankle while I was introducing myself.  It didn't hurt but I was a little taken back when she didn't stop it. Then she had the audacity to tell me there was no way this was going to fit into my van and I was wasting her time...a-hem.  Luckily her husband came out and swiftly replaced her to help me load it into my all too roomy, more than accommodating Odyssey!  He then explained their 26 year old son was finally moving out, and they were selling his stuff.  O-kay, all was forgiven.

I'm still in search of the before pic, and  I KNOW I have it..but here it is, in a nordic blue latex, after:
This sold to a med-student moving into her new place. Her sweet parents picked it up for her along with her 2 dogs and cat inside the trucks cab and a washer/dryer in the back!  In my head I thought 'this is your future'. I hope I can do it with as much energy as they had! ;D
I love me some deco, I know it's not so popular these days but it is so unique and if you can stay true to the style when refurbishing it then you will always find a buyer.  This was a waterfall style vanity that I was anxious to try a turquoise on.  It sold to the perfect person for it too!
I applied a dark wax to the details to make it look authentic and aged.

The wax warms up the brightness of the turquoise and makes it look like it has all been there for years.

I just finished the below set today-we are having a big labor day sale at the Antique Mall and I wanted to get some new stock in. I used latex, in a robin egg blue shade that I am fond of.  I recovered the seat this morning, distressed it all, sealed it, loaded and unloaded it.  I've earned my glass of wine tonight!

Perfect for a little or big girls room :)
Highboy Dresser with crystal knobs

Matching vanity with mirror, original stool.

And here are a couple chalk paint vanities I did this summer.  I have to share the story of this first one...I picked it up from a guy who travels a lot for his job.  It took weeks to schedule a day to see it. He said he was selling it for his buddy who had moved with his girlfriend, out of state.  He was simply the middle guy, and his buddy was asking $100 for it.  Well when I showed up, it was covered in melted candle wax and missing some of the hardware.  When he couldn't get one of the drawers open, he took a butter knife to cut through the wax and jostle it open.  When he did, we found one very should I say toy.  I swear, honest truth.  I immediately bartered for 1/2 off the asking price.
Before (that drawer was being 'sanitized' when I took this!)
After-Good as new!!
More dark wax along the edges, legs and details.

Okay, shake off that last story.  So here is another vanity (not much variety in this post I know!) but college students are getting settled this time of year, so desks, vanities and dressers are in demand.  Plus they are just so fun to do and I really love meeting the 'kids' that come to buy them. I used Annie Sloan chalk paint on this one as well, but this time used a glaze (wood stain mixed with a glazing agent) to darken and age it a bit more.  Click on pics for more detailed images.
Original stool, recovered in a textured velvet.
Anthropologie crystal knobs with gold accents-so pretty!

That's all for now-my 8 hour break is officially over ;)  I'm off to feed, bathe, and practice writing with my future college students (fingers crossed!!!) :D


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  2. What loveliness! I love all the turqoise you used!

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  5. Aw cousin! LOvE your posts. Made my day to catchup on the last few... And I think my favorite was the vanity with the stuck drawer'

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  7. Hi! I have a dresser I am getting ready to paint...a little nervous but have enjoyed your posts on chalk paint vs latex vs milk. Just wondering, do you paint the insider the drawers?


    1. Sabrina, did you receive my reply/advice to you question on painting inside drawers ? I'm having trouble with my blogger settings and want to make sure you got it. Some people have not received my responses for some reason. Please let me know (or any more ?'s I could help on.). My apologies if you did not get earlier reply!