Thursday, April 5, 2012

We are officially in business!!!!

Hello to Y'All :)
I just wanted to share some pics of our new space~we are up and running now! Yippee :D

As you can imagine, it's been a frenzied few weeks getting this all together and moving in.  Lucky for me, my Mom (who has more energy than I do!) flew in from the Seattle area to help me.  It has been U-Haul trucks, 'leverage loading', make-shift ramps, dollies, bruises, broken nails, and one injured knee-but never has it been more fun!  This is a partnership between us, with me covering the refinished furniture pieces and her shipping in the vintage/antique 'smalls'.  We have also incorporated lots of NEW pieces like home decor items and accessories, (check out the wings below for example) as I believe it's the mix of both that really creates a beautiful space. 

Currently we are hauling even more inventory back from the Round Top Antique Show that's happening here.  This show is just  MASSIVE,  miles and miles of white tents filled with gorgeous stuff and it's impossible to see it all in the week that it spans, but my-oh-my what treasures can be found!  This is the same show that Rachel Ashwell (of Shabby Chic fame) began, and continues her treasure hunting in.  She has now built a Bed and Breakfast there, called 'The Prairie'.  We haven't had time to see that yet, but we have more trips ahead.  My brother and his awesome girlfriend (who's done marketing for the likes of Restoration Hardware, Sephora, and William Sonoma Home) are flying in from San Francisco tomorrow to go back with us again. People fly in from all over the country for it, so I'm pretty lucky we live only an hour or so away.

My Mom went back to the show today in our minivan (I needed a break to catch up on laundry, dishes, and life around the house frankly) and she called to say she was done with walking it and decided to drive through the aisles know those scenes in movies when the confused tourists are in a small, foreign town and mistakenly drive through a narrow stone alley where the people are selling there goods to pedestrians or hanging out their laundry to dry? Then the crazy tourist's car comes crashing through and people and livestock are scurrying for their lives! That is the immediate mental picture I I ran to check out insurance policy....I think we're good.

But honestly, I am just so grateful and fortunate for the support and help of my friends and family in this...I just couldn't do it otherwise.  I could keep doing etsy, craigslist, and custom orders, because I love all that (not to mention the slower pace), and still will but a shop space is an undertaking I've only dreamed about.  I am cherishing this wonderful chaos with all my heart.  Smooches :+

Visit our space if you can!
The Antique Gallery of Round Rock
1601 S I35
Round Rock, Texas · 78664


  1. Oh come I didnt' find you while you were here in the PNW?!? Hope you were spared during the recent tornados. If I ever get to Austin, I will certainly have to stop by!...I've pinned your Angel Wings and will certainly follow you blog!...Coreen

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    2. You just made my day Colleen-thank you so much! Those wings will be in the Mutiny Bay Antique mall in Coupeville, WA soon-ask for Carrie:)

  2. Just saw you on Pinterest. Welcome to the big ol state of Texas! Your space looks amazing!

    1. Luv your blogs Pamela-so inspired!! Thanks for the well wishes :)

  3. OMG! Congrads & I can't wait yonder more pics and updates!!!! xoxo

  4. I would love to have those angel wings! Price, please?