Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I love to redo old desks, it's my favorite type of furniture to give a make-over to. I particularly like them in a good french blue or robin egg blue, as do many in the Austin area I'm grateful to say ;) A unique desk is a guaranteed show stopper in any room, and they can be finished in any number of ways (glazing, distressing, new hardware, etc) so that it's virtually impossible to replicate one from the next.

This one was found on Craigslist, beautiful in it's own right already....

But there was some damage on the left top corner, as you can see in the above pic.  So I got to stripping/staining first - I love this task almost more than the painting...hmmm, an affinity for stripping...maybe that's over-sharing....uh, that didn't come out right...anyways...

So then I got to painting with my favorite shade of blue, some distressing, glazing and I finished it with a paste wax to protect it.

I think the hardware really POPS now 

She went to a lovely new home within 24 hrs of listing.  But I really wanted to keep her :(  Oh well, there is always another, and many are still in my garage.  Stay tuned for more (mom)!
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  1. What a lovely transformation. I definitely know what it's like to want to keep something I've redone!